TexasTaters was founded in 1988 by David and Pam Pitt, in Amarillo, Texas.  We have been manufacturing  the "Original" TexasTaters machine since 1989.

With our experience and "TLC" that go into the making of the machine, you are guaranteed a machine of the utmost quality.  

We have serviced many satisfied customers over the last 29 years, and would love to add you to our list.  Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, TexasTaters has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

Please feel free to contact us:

David or Pam Pitt
205 SE 36th St.
Amarillo, TX 79110

Phone:  806-236-0144
Fax:      806-353-8214
Email:   info@texastaters.com    


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